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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

BG, Mall of Horror, Last Chance, Elasund

We had a full house on Saturday night, for Battlestar Galactica and some games. Now that the conflict between Admiral Caine and Adama has been resolved (Caine was killed by Number 6 and Adama has been promoted to Admiral by the President), the writers took an episode to explore the real day to day workings of the fleet. It turns out that there is a thriving black market, and that the humans might not be quite as heroic as we might ahve thought. Another interesting episode, and I am anxious to see what direction the writers will take us next.

Mike, Julia, Yannick, Wanda and Cim and me decided to make Mall of Horror our first game of the evening, as it could accommodate 6 players. Mall of Horror is set in a shopping mall infested with flesh eating zombies, and seems to share some mechanics of Rette Sich wer Kahn, otherwise known as the Lifeboat Game. Each player has three characters, worth different numbers of points that they are trying to keep alive in 6 locations in the mall. Each location can only hold a limited number of people, and each player must try to move one of his characters each turn.

The game comes with voting wheels indicating either destination rooms or player teams, and they work well. All in all, the game is full of decisions, guesses, votes and betrayal,. and with the right crowd, it can lead to a lot of fun.

In the end, Wanda was able to claim victory for having two of her characters left alive. Yannick had had some confusion as to how certain cards were played, as well as the value of each character. I am sure that the next game will be even more hard fought.

After Mall of Horror, we settled down to a raucous game of Last Chance, the game that blends Texas Hold'Em and Yahtzee. When all was said and done, Wanda again was the winner, though a few other players were close. Mike was the only one of us to have gone totally bust.

Yannick and Wanda had to call it a night, and we were able to convince Cim to stay up, so we played Elasund for the first time. The latest of the Catan Adventures games, Elasund has some familiar elements, as well as a totally unfamiliar level of potential nastiness. Elasund is primarily a tile placement game, where tiles can produce either gold or prestige based on a resource production roll.

There are elements of Settlers, Anno 1503 and Carcassone, and I am impressed with the way that the game works. After only one play I find myself eagerly looking forward to the next, and I would like to try the game out with different numbers of players to see how well it scales. I believe that, unlike Settlers, Elasund will play very well with 2, 3 or 4 players, and that, if anything, the 2 player game might be more tactical than the 4, but no less enjoyable.

Julia was able to place all her victory cubes first, earning a well-deserved victory.

And so, another evening of BG and Games came to a close. The challenge now will be in bringing good 6 player games to the table to complement the BG. I am thinking of trying Citadels, Bohnanza and maybe even Illuminati at upcoming sessions... Fnord!


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