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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Boardgaming in Recife

If there is one thing that I learned while I was in Brazil, it is that, wherever you are, if you want to find fellow boardgamers, post a message on Boardgamegeek.

During my last week in Brazil, when we finally had "hi-speed" access at home, I posted a message on the Geek asking if there were any boardgamers in Recife. I had an answer within 48 hours, and through the Geek, I met Flavio and his brother Marcelo. If only I had thought of this earlier, I would have been playing the whole time I was in Recife... 8-(

Flavio has a very decent collection of almost 300 games, and hosts regular gaming sessions for his friends. Since I was leaving in a few days, Flavio and Marcelo invited me over to Marcelo's place to play some games, and we sat down to rousing games of Goa, Settlers and Verflixxt. This was my first playing of Verflixxt, and I must say that I cannot see what people see in the game. Unless we were playing incorrectly, I cannot fathom why this would be a SDJ nominee.

I very much look forward to my return to Recife, both to see Karen and to play more games with Flavio and his crew.


Blogger Coldfoot said...

I wish I could find gamers in Alaska with BGG. Maybe I'd have better luck if I posted in Portuguese.

2:48 p.m.


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