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Monday, June 27, 2005

My summer vacation, or why there are no posts..

To any faithful readers who might not already know, I am currently in Recife, Brazil, spending some time with Karen while she opens a new International Cooperation office for the Canadian Government. Board and card games are not being played with any great frequency, but I am enjoying the occasional game of Worms World Party and Super Puzzle Fighter 2 on the GBA.

If there are any game players in the area, plase drop me a line through the blog. I´d love to have a game.

Talking about games, the locals seem to play a lot of Dominoes (some version of a train game) and some cards, though I have not observed close enough to be able to tell what game they are playing.

I will be back in Canada Mid August, and hope to return to my game playing, and blogging ways at that time. I also hope to be getting caught up on the next season of BG!

Until then, faithful readers, I remain, your most Obt. servant.


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