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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Holiday Gaming

I hope that you all had very healthy and happy holidays, and that you played many games with friends and family. Cim and I managed to get in two sessions, and we have discovered a new gamer, our neighbour Yannick.

On Christmas Eve, after some spring rolls and Vietnamese soup, Cim and I were ready to thin out the cracker population when we heard a knock at the door. It was our neighbour, Yannick, who wanted to know if we wanted to go see a film with him and his partner Wanda. We didn't really feel like hitting the movies, and suggested boardgames as an alternative. Yannick thought that was a good idea, so we ended up going over to Yannick and Wanda's with a few games.

We brought over Settlers and Geshenkt to see how they would go over. As we were setting up the board for Settlers, I could see the looks of fear in Yannick and Wanda's eyes, but we quickly convinced them that the game was easier than it looked. After the first few rounds, they seemed to get into the game, and it was almost like watching a light come on as they were introduced to the world of Eurogames.

After Settlers, we played some 4 player Geshenkt, and that went over very well indeed. Cim really enjoyed the push your luck/SYB nature of the game, and it was a big hit with Yannick and Wanda as well. After that, we ended the evening with what proved to be the longest game of 4 player Uno ever. Once Uno was done, so were we, and it was off to sleep for us.

We had another opportunity to play on January 2nd. As Cim and I were finishing our brunch, he suggested that maybe we could play some board games. I called Colin, who was able to score a 4 hour pass, and when Mike was unable to play, we called Yannick to see if he would be our fourth. Luckily, he was able to play, and so we started off with a game of Settlers. This was a very close match, and after all the smoke had settled, Cim was the victor. We wanted to play a game of Puerto Rico after that, and Yannick asked if we could play with five people. When we said we could, Yannick called Wanda and she came over to play.

This was our first ever 5 player game of Puerto Rico, and the competition in the 5 player game is fierce. I would have to say that I would prefer not to play 5 player, much preferring the 4 or even the three player game. Nonetheless, 5 player Puerto Rico is better than many other games, and a good time was had by all. I managed to secure the victory with a corn shipper strategy.

After Puerto Rico, Colin had to leave, but Yannick and Wanda were up for more games, so we played a round of Can't Stop. Wanda had played the game as a child, and we all had a good time, with Cim managing to secure the win. We played some Liar's Dice, and I believe that Cim managed a few wins there as well. We ended the evening with Modern Art, and I managed to scrape by the other dealers for the victory. Cim and I should learn to let our guests win more games!

And so we managed to get in a few games over the holidays with some good friends, and isn't that the point of it all? I am sure that we will be able to coax Yannick out the next time that we are looking for a player, and that is perhaps an even better present, finding another willing victim, I mean gamer...


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