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Thursday, January 13, 2005

DOOM - The Boardgame and 5 Gmail Invites

I hit my FNGS (Friendly Neighbourhood Game Store) Fandom II on the way home last night, and there, on the shelf, was DOOM, the Boardgame. As I picked up the box to see what the fuss was about, I immediately realized that this box was not FOA (Full of Air). I mean, you could cause serious injury if you ever threw this box at anyone. If they didn't have a DODGE order in place, they would take 2 wounds, easy..

As loyal readers know (are there any of you, BTW?), I have a weakness for Dungeon Crawls and games with lots of toys. Games like HeroQuest, Queen's Gambit, Battle Cry and the new War of the Ring all call out to my inner child. So, when I saw DOOM, I knew that I had to give it a new home.

After unpacking the game, and sorting through the components, punching the tiles, etc., I found that DOOM reminds me a lot of HeroQuest and Space Hulk. One player takes control of the monsters, and acts as DM for the other players that take control of the brave monster bait, I mean Marines...

The tiles are good heavy stock, although a few pieces seems to have delaminated a bit. The miniatures (or maxiatures, as the Cyberdemons are frickin' huge!) are decent, but need to have some burrs removed and some bases straightened. The cards are decent, but the stock is a bit thin. The dice are well designed, but I have read comments that suggest that the paint is likely to wear off, possibly necessitating a use of clear coat.

Two systems in the game stand out as being well thought out. The Marines come in three colours, Red, Blue and Green, and the creatures are cast in the same colours. As a game balancing device, the DM is only allowed to use the demons in the colours of the marines that are playing, so if one marine plays, only 1/3 of the monsters are available for placement and spawns, which is neat.

The other system is the combat dice, which exist in different colours. Each die has faces that show a number, representing range, a number of hits, as well as the possibility of an ammo symbol or a miss. Each monster or weapon is rated for melee or ranged combat, and has a number of coloured dice associated to it. One roll of the appropriate dice lets you know if you have hit, how much damage you caused and whether or not ammo was used up. Neat! Attacks that miss may inadvertently hit a totally different space, and some weapons, like the almighty BFG, have a blast radius that inflicts full damage on any figure caught in the wrong place at the right time.

I have not had a chance to play yet, but I hope to get this out on the weekend. I will probably have to play the Demons/GM, but this should be fun.

And now, faithful readers, a chance at something free. I have 5 Gmail invites that I would like to give out. To get them, all you have to do is leave a comment on this Blog. First 5 comments that indicate they would like an invite get them. Just indicate in your comment what email address you would like the invite sent to. And if you already have a Gmail account, why not leave a comment anyway?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found the Doom game very cool,and plays well for the Dungon Crawl that it is. The impact of which Marine Cards (You will play differently depending on what you are dealt), or which color you play as to variably. and and scaleable setup works well.

There is basicly only 5 scenario's, so the hidden info will not stay hidden all that long - but it really doesn't.

The Game takes a while, but not much down time.

Go get the play aid at the Doom Yahoo Group:

Happy Bloging
Gmail invite to peterloop@yahoo.com

7:58 a.m.

Blogger Ken said...

Loved the PC game, which is responsible (along with my irresponsibility) for many hours of late night modem-to-modem deathmatchs with my best friend. I think those sessions are my favorite gaming memories.

I'll eventually get the DooM boardgame, however...once I get some more "staples" in my collection.

Thanks for the offer!

Gmail invite to: pmixon2@sc.rr.com

11:52 a.m.

Blogger Robert said...

I have never played Doom. I tend to find FPS boring, and thus i dismissed Doom the boardgame. But as I really liked Heroquest and such games, I am intrigued. Do you think previous experience with Doom is needed to enjoy the game?

Gmail-invite: robert.rosen [at] home.se

4:01 p.m.

Blogger Halestorm101 said...

I wasn't sure if I was going to be into this game. But now that I know it's Hero Quest-ish I'm totally in!

If you have anymore gmails, I'm at zedizdead@yahoo.com
Cool blog, I just created my own now too!

4:41 p.m.

Blogger Brent Ross said...

I also have a bit of a weakness for Dungeon Crawls, especially roguelikes (and oddly enough I do development work on a roguelike called Dungeon Crawl). Roguelikes are good for people who don't like the twitch factor of FPSs, because they're turn based... and unlike CRPGs they have the advantage of randomly created dungeons which keeps them very replayable. They also tend to be free... both in price and in code.

Gmail invite to bwross@mail.com

6:23 p.m.


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