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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Sao Paulo Bound

I am getting packed up tonight for a two week trip to Brazil. I am flying out Friday night, arriving Saturday morning in Sao Paulo, where I will be met by Karen. We are going to visit Rio together, take in some of the interesting parts of Sao Paulo, visit a few CIDA projects, and generally enjoy each others' company for a few weeks. I am really excited about seeing Karen, and the fact that it is in Brazil is just a bonus. I will surely be blogging some of the trip, and there will be photos aplenty.

The flight to Sao Paulo will take around 15 hours including the short layover in Toronto. For the Geek-O-Philes, I am bringing a GameBoy SP with headphones along, and will probably spend some time on Golden Sun: The Lost Age, May Payne and Doom 2. I have a few Novels, including the E-Book of Leinster's Planets of Adventure (from the excellent Baen Free Library) on my Palm, and in between reading, playing and sleeping, I should be fine. That is, if I am not too excited to sleep...



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