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Monday, October 04, 2004

PS2 Online, Star Wars Battlefront

Since Cim hooked his PC up to the home theatre system, we have had an ethernet cable running up near the TV. And since the PS2 has the online adapter, we figured that it was high time we tried out some online gaming, PS2 style. I rented Star Wars Battlefront (SW:B) to see how it was, and we played a lot of it this weekend.

I have only played a few FPS games, mostly on PC. The one that I have the most experience with is TFC, and I enjoy that one because of the varieties of the player classes, and the ways that a really effective team can work together. While playing TFC, I would play mostly Engineers, and sometimes Heavy Weapons Guys.

The classes in SW:B are, to my mind, less well divided. The Pilot class is the closest to the Engineer, being a combination Engineer-Medic, but it doesn't seem that great to me unless you can become a good pilot. And while I have had some success with the tank-like vehicles and ground speeders, I have been horrible with the Snow Speeder on Hoth.

I can see where the game has some faults, but, if you are a Star Wars fan, you will overlook them. The graphics and sounds are spot on, and you will really get the feeling that you are fighting a large scale battle. I would have liked if there were additional variety in the maps and missions, but it seems to be mostly kill the enemy and capture the command points. There are no capture the flag or rescue the prisoners missions.

Next on the list of games to try online is SOCOM 2, a game that I have read many good things about.


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