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Monday, October 25, 2004

A long Day's Journey into Geekdom

For those of you that have read this blog before, you know that my roommate (and the guy that owns the house) is a guy by the name of Cim. Now Cim and I get along for a few reasons, not the least of which is the fact that we are both geeks. I mean, this guy is a statistician at StatsCan!

Cim has an appreciation for the geekly arts, like games, sci-fi, PS2 and the like. He already had DSL running into the house, and a spare router that wasn't doing anything, so we hooked up the DSL in the basement, ran ethernet down from the 2nd floor to the router, and jacked my computer in as well. Of course, that left two ports open on the four port router, so what is a geek to do?

Well, you might have already read about the Star Wars Battlefront Online adventure, so you know that we ran another ethernet cable down to the router to fill up three of the ports. But what about number four?

Cim had a desire to build a PVR (Personal Video Recorder) for the living room home entertainment centre, and I had already experimented with the Hauppage Nexus-S satellite card. This weekend, he picked up a very nice looking Micro-ATX case, an Nforce 2 MB, ram, hard drive and video card with video out-in capabilities, and we got to building. Now, Micro ATX might look nice, but it sure makes building a lot more cramped. We eventually got the computer running XP SP2, after some earthy language, skinned knuckles and shifted cables. And, of course, for this system to be as useful as it could be, we had to run another ethernet cable down to make four, so now the router is full, as it should be.. 8-)

Cim joked that he just couldn't see an open port without wanting to plug something in it, but I digress as this blog stays away from the blue material. 8-)

I can already guess what most of you are saying. Some folks are saying, "Why the heck do they need all those networked computers, what are they trying to do, launch the space shuttle?" Others are saying "I wish I could do that at my house!" The rest of you are saying "Only four?"


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