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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Broadway Pub Gaming - Naval War, Goa, Oh Heck, Sticheln

Last night, there was some gaming at the Broadway Pub. I convinced uber-spielfriek Mike to come out with me, and we bussed out to my place after work on our way to the pub. I grabbed Goa, a few card games, and then we hopped the bus out to the pub.

We got there early, grabbed a few jars and had a bite. (The food was decent, and not to expensive BTW). Once some of the guys started showing up, they decided that it would be a good time to play a huge game of the old classic AH Naval War while everyone finished their meals.

Now, I know that games have come a long way since Naval War, and it shows. The game is very random, and you can get stuck with lots of ships and no ammo to fire. Worst of all is the overwhelming power of the Destroyer Squadrons. Whoever draws more of these will surely win the game. The fact that we were playing with 9 players probably didn't help matters much. As Mike said, he was glad that he had played, since that meant he would never have to play again.

After that, some of the guys set up History of the World, while Mike and I convinced Mark and Sasha to play Goa. We had a pretty decent game, with most of the scores except Mike's pretty close. Needless to say, Mike managed to school us bad this game.

After Goa, Mike, Mark and I played Oh Heck, and while I was in contention, I could only manage to place second to Mark. Oh Heck reminded me of Sticheln, and since I had the deck and we had three players, I managed to convince the guys to try a few hands out. Mark got stuck worst of all, and didn't break zero, Mike had +5 and I managed the win with 12. All in all, it was a good evening, though Goa might not be the best game to play in a pub setting.


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