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Tuesday, August 03, 2004


Marc, Paul and I played Sticheln at lunch today. It was my first attempt, and we played three hands. I thought that it was a very neat game, as it forces you to think outside of the normal trick taking genre, since you want to take as many tricks as possible without taking any that have your misery colour.

Marc and Paul caught on quickly, and soon they were taking every opportunity to foist misery cards on opponents. It was a close game, with Marc scoring 26, me 33 and Paul getting the big win at 35.

I haven't quite got the game figured out yet, and I will probably try to play a few more games this weekend during the cottage trip. It is probably insanely chaotic with 4-6 players.

The weather report for the weekend is looking iffy at best, and it might not be optimum beach weather, so gaming might take on more importance than we thought it was going to. Since most of the people who will be coming up are government types, there was a half serious request to play Diplomacy. If the weather reports don't start clearing up soon, we might well end up in a game.


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