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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Queen's Gambit

My best friend Colin's son Kristian is my godson, and he is in town visiting his dad. The last time he was in town, we were supposed to play some games and didn't get the chance, so this time, Colin's wife Amy and Kristian picked me up last night, and I brought over a few games.

When Kristian saw Queen's Gambit, he just had to play it, so we set it up on the dining room table and had a game.

Kristian wanted to play the Trade Federation, and I explained the Annakin timer and how the game would end, and that he had to have a majority in the palace at the end to win.

I saw a few things happen that are good to remember:

1) Never split the damage in the Jedi battle. Darth Maul inflicted heavy damage on both Qui Gon and Obi Wan, but failed to kill either. If he had concentrated on one, he would have killed him and still done some damage to the other. (realistically, only one of the three jedis should survive)

Once Kristian saw both Obi Wan and Qui Gon running into the palace with their Move of 12, he got very anxious!

2) Never ignore the Gungan battle. If the Gungans can start ganging up on Battle Droids, they will eliminate them (4 droids in a group, three gungans, one grey battle die each. So, if two gungan groups can fire on the same droid group, they get 6 dice to try and score four hits)

The Gungan player has to move the catapults up to the edge of the shield. From there, they can target the tanks and MTT`s in the back row, with three red dice and one grey.

If the Gungan player can eliminate the battle droids and super battle droids on the battlefield before the trade fed can take the shield down, he has effectively won the battle, as the tanks and MTT`s cannot fire or move through the shield. All the Gungan has to do is to take pot shots with his catapults whenever he can.

If Darth Maul dies, then the Naboo player does not have to occupy the throne room, he just has to have surviving characters in the palace. I had only lost Captain Panaka, and had both queens, both jedi and a ton of guards on the first floor, targeting the hexes that he could bring reinforcements into.

3) All Move Annakin cards have to be played to move Annakin. There are barely enough in the whole deck to get him through, and I had almost burned the whole deck to get him through played.

If you are playing trade fed, you have to aggressively move droid groups to attack the shield generator and the catapults. Super Battle Droids should be moved to the palace and used to target the tougher characters, like the queens and Panaka. You can also use them if a jedi gets into the palace, but you might lose the SBD to the Riposte die.

The Trade Fed player should block the easy window accesses to the throne room with droids, and should move the droids on the third floor to cover the door.

The Trade fed should also play as many starfighter cards as he can to block Annakin. If the game goes on long enough he should win, providing he can eliminate the naboo force in the palace.

It takes a little while to set up, and a few hours to play, but Queen's Gambit is a very fun game, especially for Star Wars fans.


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