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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Oasis, Meuterer

Last Thursday evening, I ended up at uber spielfriek Mike's place to game with some of his friends. They were finishing a game of Royal Turf when I got there, so I chatted with Mike's girlfriend Julia while she was playing FFXI on PS2. She seemed to be really enjoying it, and she was kicking creature butt while I watched.

Once Royal Turf was over, we started a 5 player game of Oasis. It was a typical majority control game with a few twists. One is that your score is the number of tiles of the type that you controlled times the number of scoring tiles that you had. The other was that you had a hand of action cards, and you offered cards to the other players. Players were able to claim the offers that they wanted in turn order, as specified by the disks that they had, so, if you made a good offer that the first player took, you would be first player next time. Neat.

As with most control type games, I managed not to come last. It always takes me a few games to get the hang of what I should be going after in these things.

After that, I finally got a chance to play a 4 player game of Meuterer, a game that I own, but never had a chance to play. I have to say that I was very impressed with it, the game packs so much into just a deck of cards. It can be very tense wondering if you should play another good or take the merchant role, or whether or not the 2 points that the captain is offering to the mate is a good deal.

I was able to eke out a victory when I was able to sell some goods and get 2 points from being ship's boy in a successful mutiny. I did not have the swords to take Mutineer myself, but luckily, the first player to drop out did, and so I was able to see that the Mutineer was taken when I dropped out of the goods race. An excellent, tense game that I will definitely suggest that we play the next time we have four players.

As always, it was a pleasure gaming with Mike and his friends


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