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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

David and Goliath

There were some severe thunder storms yesterday, so Marc, Paul and I decided to play cards at lunch. They had enjoyed Sticheln, so we decided to try David and Goliath, a similar, yet different game. With three players, the deck was composed of five suits of 1-9 each.

David and Goliath is a trick taking game with a twist. Players must follow the led suit, if possible, but can play off suit if they have no choice. The highest card is the card with the highest number played, regardless of suit, and the lowest is the lowest, also regardless of suit. If two players tie for either highest or lowest, the last card played breaks the tie.

The twist is that the player who played the low card takes the high card as the prize, and the player who played the high card takes the rest. Players then arrange their taken cards so that all players can see how many of each suit they have taken.

Scoring is similar to Sticheln, with a twist. If a player takes one or two cards in a suit, they score the face value of the cards. If a player takes more than two, then each card taken is worth one point. As you can see, the game becomes one of trying to add cards to other players' high singles and pairs so that they can't score big points for them.

We played a very tight three way game, and the scores were competitive throughout. Even though I was the only player to score more than 1 point per card in the final round, I fell just short, and Marc and Paul tied for victory at 84 points to my 82. If only we had played one more hand.. 8-)

David and Goliath is an accessible trick taking game that most card players should enjoy, with enough of a difference to make it enjoyable for gamers.


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