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Thursday, August 05, 2004


So, today after work, a bunch of us are heading up to Karen's family cottage near Bobcaygeon, http://www.kawarthalakes.net/bobcaygeon.htm

We are going to spend four days enjoying the lake, max relaxin' at the cottage. Since the weather reports aren't the most promising, it looks like some games will be played, including The Great Museum Caper and Kill Doctor Lucky.

The official drink for this tour is the Caipiruska, the vodka version of the Caipirinha, which is a Brazilian drink made with Cachaca (sugar cane liquor). http://cocktails.about.com/library/howto/htcaipirinha.htm

The official dance music for this tour is Salsa, so some of us can finally practise what we were supposed to be learning in Salsa class... 8-)

Have a great weekend, everyone, I know that we will!


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