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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

AVP - Red Dead Revolver

After an unexpected day off on Friday (the water main near the office was drilled through, and the lack of water pressure meant that the building was not safe enough to work in) that Karen and I spent together doing a few things and having a good, relaxed time, she went to visit her family and friends in Montreal, and I settled into a weekend with my seldom seen room mate, Cim.

Cim is a great guy, and we share a lot of interests. He likes to play board and video games, and he enjoys science fiction. Since neither of us had plans for Saturday, we decided to call the boys to see if they wanted to play some board games. That fell through, so we decided that we had to go see AVP.

We headed out to the AMC, so that we could load up at Denny's before the movie. As always, Denny's big breakfasts are BIG! We hit the Future Shop, looked at some cool toys, then we hit the movie.

Going in, I expected it to be bad, real bad, LXG bad. I was pleasantly surprised. It was no where near Aliens, but it was a fine summer turn your brain off movie. The only thing I would have liked better is if it had taken place around the same time as Aliens, so that we could have seen some Colonial Space Marines kick some Predator butt.

When we got back home we played some DOA2 Hardcore Vs. fighting on PS2. I won't go into details of who won what, but after a while, Cim decided that we had to play something else. We had played some Red Dead Revolver, and were at the train stage, so we decided to play some more.

We got through the train, then we made it to town, talked to some people, bought some weapons. Next mission was pretty cool, though Pig Josh was proving to be difficult. That was, until we figured out that if you ran up to the Gattling Gun, he would never come up to attack you while you were using it. So, you took a bead on a spot close by that he would run past, and you hit him with the gattling . While he was being hit, he would stand up more, so you could shift the aim of the gattling to do more damage. Then, he would run away, and come back to get shot again.

We should have tried to get head shots with the Gattling, we might have been able to take him out that way. The best we did was to take away around 75% of his hit points with the Gattling. Then, Cim got the brilliant idea that we should run down, across to the building that you see when you use the Gattling. From there, we were able to hit Josh with a few rifle rounds to finish him off.

The Bad Bessie level was tough, until I figured out how to take cover better. Then, it was pretty easy to snipe the enemies on the early parts of the level. The rock hurlers were a pain, but if you got to the right cover, they couldn't hit you with the rocks. Bessie herself was a bit of a pain, but I saw she was only following a fairly set pattern. I lured her past the rock step into her area, and she got stuck. She turned away from Red, and could not climb the step. Bye bye Bessie...

The Ghost town level was pretty cool, and it was mostly taking cover around corners, and the odd strafing gunfight. The Undertaker dude with the Gattling gun was a pain, though. I was able to take out his henchmen fairly easy, but I was having a hard time putting serious damage on him from any range with the rifle. Once I bit the bullet and got closer, I was able to take him out by constantly strafing and using the pistols.

Now we are saved at the start of Annie Stoakes level, and it looks pretty cool. Red Dead Revolver is a great game, once you get used to the controls and you get a better feel for moving and fighting. It has a lot of atmosphere, and it really makes you feel like you are in a Clint Eastwood movie.


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