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Friday, July 09, 2004

More Goa Impressions

I played another game of Goa with my roommate and a buddy of his, and we were all very impressed with the game. This time we got the starting cards right, so it was much easier to build up tech levels and found colonies.

Once the game gets into the second set of auctions, things really get interesting. This time, I did not use the taxation action a single time, and I did not have the red tile that produces income, yet I came in a solid second. I focussed on Exploration cards and my Colonist levels. I was able to score for a full house with my 5 Exploration cards at the end of the game (3 of a kind is 6, a pair is 3, for 9 points total). I missed first place by around 5 points.

My roommate, who came in first, had focussed on spice production and had built up a number of spice producing tiles. He was able to claim the VP for the Mission by discarding the 6 bags of spice at the end.

Having only played two games, I can't say that I have a fully formed strategy yet. I did miss a few colony founding attempts due to bad luck, but I don't think that the luck factor is overpowering. I think that Goa is a very balanced game, but I also think that it is not a game for everyone.

So far I am really enjoying this game.


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