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Friday, July 30, 2004

Light Wargame Concept

I have been thinking about this concept for some time, combining some of the mechanics that I like form various light wargames. The concepts that I like are:

Unit strength tracked by figure reduction, as in Battle Cry (BC)
Easy terrain modifiers, BC
Variable unit strengths on Attack vs. Defence, A&A

One thing that I like in A&A vs. BC is the fact that in A&A, you can, and in fact, should, make forces that have different units in them. In BC, a unit will always be composed of the same forces.

I would like to see various unit types, with different cost/benefits.  Units that we don't normally see in these games, like engineers.  My concept is that engineers add to the defensive capabilities of units.  Another unit would be the artillery spotter/communications unit, that could call in a directed barrage with reasonable accuracy.  Or, infantry acting as a screen for tanks could add to the defensive bonus of the tanks, which would encourage a more real-life use of combined arms.

I am thinking that unlike BC, the total attack dice would be modified by the number of figures. Attack and Defensive fire should be simultaneous, and infantry subjected to overrun style attacks should get added defensive bonuses.

If I ever get this all down on paper, I'll post it here for you to check out.  I have some inexpensive WWII figures that I picked up just for this experiment, before Memoir 44 was announced, and I think that one of these days I will have to write up a draft rule set to see how it works.


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