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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Evil Dead The Musical in Montreal

When my good friend Colin and I found out that Evil Dead, The Musical was playing in Toronto last Halloween, we tried to book some tickets. They were sold out, and so we missed our opportunity to see the show, or so we thought..

When Karen was in Montreal a few weeks back, she saw an ad for Evil Dead 1&2, The Musical, playing as part of the Just for Laughs Festival.   Well, this time, Colin and I were able to get tickets. Colin's wife, Amy, and Karen, my girlfriend, were going to come down with us, and have a nice meal and some drinks while Colin and I enjoyed the masterpiece that is Evil Dead.

If you are a fan of the Evil Dead movies, or Bruce Campbell, or comedy horror, then this show is a must see. They have adapted the stories of Evil Dead 1&2, and have used the best one liners from Evil Dead 1&2 and Army of Darkness. They have written some funny songs, and they adapted the special effects for use on stage.

This show is campy, B-movie horror at its best. Kudos to the cast and crew! Colin and I had a great time, and the girls enjoyed their dinner at a Montreal cafe. For more information on the show, and to see if it might be playing in your neck of the woods, go to www.evildeadthemusical.com


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