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Friday, June 25, 2004

Goa - Impressions

I have had one opportunity to play Goa, after reading the rules a few times. I got to play with two other players, both of whom had played Puerto Rico before, and so they were somewhat familiar with this type of game.

We all enjoyed the game, and are looking forward to our next match. Goa is definitely in the Princes of Florence-Puerto Rico vein, and it might be too dry for some players. The main interaction is in the placement of the auction tokens and the auction itself. Other than that, it is largely multi player solitaire. But, all this aside, it is very engaging. It is a very deep game, and I believe that the internal economy, combined with the auctions, will make this game a bit harder to solve than Puerto Rico, where skilled players have optimum moves planned ahead for a few turns.

I reccomend Goa to players that like deep, thoughtful games that involve planning and developping your economy.


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